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Jan Cygankiewicz is Arts Champion of Artistic Crafts- title given by the Minister of Culture. He also has master’s diploma in the field of artistic blacksmithing.

Cygankiewicz’s studio can boast many projects in Poland, Europe and all over the world. The work of Jan Cygankiewicz were exhibited and awarded at national and international exhibitions.

In the studio we deal with individual orders either using our unique projects or projects given by our customers.

The artistry and exquisite craftsmanship together with many years of experience guarantee uniqueness of our projects.

 Jan Cygankiewicz: ‘I come from Radomsko. I reached the highest quality of artistry myself. Smithery is for me artistic shaping  of metal by fire. I’ve loved iron since I was a little boy. There was no smith in my family. My father was a locksmith and I used to spend a lot of time in his workshop. It was a long and arduous proces to get to the top of blacksmithing skills.’

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